An ordinance amending Title 2 of the Metropolitan Code pertaining to the electronic formatting and online posting of reports regularly submitted to the Metropolitan Council by the various departments, boards and commissions of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

WHEREAS, a variety of informational reports are required under the Metropolitan Code to be submitted to members of the Metropolitan Council on an annual, quarterly, monthly, or other periodic basis by various departments of the Metropolitan Government, directors thereof, boards and commissions; and

WHEREAS, examples of reports that are or have been regularly submitted to members of the Metropolitan Council include a quarterly crime report from the police department (§2.44.115); a report from the department of finance director summarizing the metropolitan government’s outstanding debt (§5.04.110); a review of fees charged by the metropolitan government from the director of finance (§5.04.060); an annual pension plan report from the employee benefit board (§3.08.260); an annual report of TIF loan status from the tax increment agency (§5.06.040); an annual financial report and written activities report from CBID district management corporations (§2.177.070); an annual waste management plan report from the department of public works (§10.20.400); an annual report by the director of water and sewerage services of all constructed water main extensions and sewer extensions (§15.52.010.B); an annual report of the environmental performance and operation of metropolitan government buildings by the entity having control over such building (§ 16.60.110); an annual written report regarding the status of the stormwater management program (§ 15.64.034) and an annual update regarding the master planning district from the director of metropolitan water services (§ 15.64.195.D); an annual report of exempted properties and completed storm water projects (§15.64.032.F); an annual report from the director of public property regarding the Stahlman Building lease (§2.24.210); and an annual written from the Business Assistance Office regarding the effectiveness of the procurement non-discrimination program (§4.46.030.D); and

WHEREAS, many of these reporting requirements were enacted prior to the emergence of an Internet website for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County, and prior to similar advances in online communications and electronic dissemination of information; and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the residents of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County that periodic reports regularly submitted to the Metropolitan Council be henceforth submitted in a searchable electronic format and simultaneously posted online on the Internet website of the transmitting department, board or commission; and

WHEREAS, delivery of reports and other documents in an electronic format reduces paper waste and time spent processing and storing paper documents, and enables Metropolitan Council members and other recipients to more efficiently search document contents and to store information for later retrieval; and

WHEREAS, once reports are placed online, they are more easily accessible for public viewing and allow the public to search reports by field and content; and

WHEREAS, prompt public access to informational reports is a vital and integral component of a fully informed citizenry and transparency interests, and prompt access to information is critical to maintain the public trust and support of the Metropolitan Government.


Section 1. That Title 2 of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by adding the following new Chapter 2.190 – Electronic Formatting and Online Posting of Reports:

A. Any and all reports required by the Metropolitan Code of Laws to be submitted to members of the Metropolitan Council shall be submitted in a searchable electronic format and simultaneously posted onto the Internet website of the submitting department, board or commission
B. The internet website access to any report allowed by this section shall be for a period of no less than six (6) months. Notwithstanding this, each submitting department, board and commission is encouraged to maintain online access to reports indefinitely with a reasonable, accessible archive function available to the public online.
C. The internet website access to reports allowed by this section is in addition to the public's access to the information through other electronic or print distribution of the information.

Section 2. That this Ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Bob Mendes, John Cooper, Burkley Allen, Karen Johnson, Mina Johnson


Introduced: September 20, 2016
Passed First Reading: September 20, 2016
Referred to: Rules and Confirmations Committee
Personnel, Public Information, Human Relations, and Housing Committee
Passed Second Reading: October 4, 2016
Passed Third Reading: October 18, 2016
Approved: October 19, 2016
By: Mayor's signature

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